Aquasource Bathroom Faucet

The bathroom is an important area people visit for cleaning purposes. The Aquasource faucets used in the bathrooms should be able to give the bathroom a classy touch. Eye-catching faucets are ideal though the quality should be highly considered. Poor quality faucets are an expensive venture since they will have to be replaced constantly. High quality Aquasource faucets are costly though they are more economical since they will last for a longer period of time as compared to the latter. The type selected should also have a good visual impression in relation to the type of lighting and design used in the bathroom area.

Aquasource bathroom faucets come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. They are available in styles such as; centre set, single hole, wall mount and widespread. The type of style to be selected will depend on the former faucet to be replaced or the former design used. When buying Aquasource faucets for the bathroom area, the shape and size of the sink should determine the type of product to install. It should be slightly raised from the sink to provide the user with ample room for conducting activities without any strain. The faucets should also support a hot or cold water feature. This enables one to select the water temperature they prefer. An anti-scald feature should be installed in the faucet to prevent any accidents from occurring in the house in case of the presence of children or even elderly people.

The finishing used on the faucet should also be considered. These range from brass finishing, Stainless steel finishing and bronze finishing. If high quality metals are used, then their chances of corroding are reduced. Highly reactive metals such as iron should not be used since they are easily oxidized and this results into contamination of the water with rust particles. The finishing should be able to sustain the polished look of the faucets for over a long period of years without any replacements being done. Brass faucets should be considered when one wants to achieve a traditional style. They are resistant to corrosion and fading. Stainless steel faucets may be more expensive though they have a polished and elegant look.

When purchasing the faucets, shop around to look for good bargains. The Aquasource bathroom faucets have a strong warranty guarantee as this is a clear indicator of its quality. Additional features such as a flow rate restrictor are essential to ensure the conservation of watering the process. This eventually cuts down the costs that would be incurred when paying the monthly water bills. The inner faucet valves should be of high quality and efficient since they are responsible for controlling the water flow.
When buying the faucet, ensure that you will be able to find spare parts with ease when they require replacement. Record somewhere the number model of the Aquasource faucet for future references when replacing them. You should also buy faucets that you can afford to avoid economical strains.


  1. Kim Mielke says:

    I bought a Aquasource bathroom faucet 2 years ago at lowes, About 2 months ago the handles on the faucet were getting very hard to turn off and on. I called a plummer and he advised that the mechanism were broke and the faucet was no longer any good. I went back to lowes to see if they would replace it or give me something off on a new one and I was told I have to go through the company. Will the company help me with this?? Please advise.

  2. The brushed nickel AquaSource faucet that we installed in one of our bathrooms a few years ago is corroded and looks awful! Our water is not considered to be hard or soft. It doesn’t corrode the faucets in other areas of the house. What is the warranty? How do I get a replacement?

  3. I bought a Aqua Source tub/shower faucet and I cannot get the water temperature to hot. There is a part you turn to do this, but a plumber and my husband could not locate!

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