Aquasource Shower Faucet

The shower is an important feature in the bathroom. It is commonly used when cleaning our bodies. It is therefore important for the process of showering to be an easy affair and this may be made possible by the type of shower faucet used. People have varying levels of comfort and this influences the type of shower products to be used. Some people do not like the overhead showerheads and thus will select favorable shower designs that suit their needs.

The Aquasource shower faucet is made up of a single handle models with an adjustable knob. The Faucets used should be able to blend with the overall design style used in the bathroom. This may be made possible with the type of finishing used. The finishing metal designs include; chrome finishing, bronze finishing, brass finishing and stainless steel finishing. Aquasource shower faucets have high quality finishing which ensures that they will last for a longer period compared to other cheap finishing methods such as painting.

The different designs used are also important in achieving the desired bathroom set-up which may vary amongst contemporary, classic and modern styles. The shower faucet should be eye-catching and edgy to create a bold statement. Additional features such as pull down extensions are also essential since an individual is able to shower at their own comfort.

The Aquasource shower faucets have a reliable hot water and cold water feature. This enables a user to select the water option they find suitable when taking their shower. They may also be designed with an internal anti-scald feature to act as a safety precaution in case of the presence of children or elderly people in the room. This helps to avoid any unplanned for accidents from happening. A fully functional valve is important for the shower faucet since it helps to regulate the amount of water produced. The quality of the valve also determines how long it will be of service. Good quality valves should not allow any water leaks from occurring when the part has started wearing out.

The shower faucet mounting designs should be in line with the shower room design. Once mounted, the shower should not cause excessive splashing outside the designated bath area. It should also be of a favorable height to avoid any inconveniences when taking a shower. Some faucets may be tedious since they will require one to constantly operate them while taking a shower and they may prove to be quite challenging for individuals who cannot multi-task.

When purchasing the faucets, one should consider all the stated points. When installing then, invest in a qualified plumber to have the work done. This will prevent the damaging of valves and pipes present thus resulting into the leaking and wastage of water. Their spare parts should also be easily available from the local dealers to avoid switching to another brand hence an additional cost. Thus, choose a faucet you can afford and one that meets your needs and style levels.


  1. Don Neidetcher says:

    I purchased a shower cable faucet holder part number 0663227. It connects with the shower wall and seems to hold. The problem is the spring is not strong enough to hold the faucet. When the shower is shut off, the shock to the holder over powers the spring. Do you make a holder like this that can be fixed to the shower wall with screws. If not, if the holder would snap on the wall with the holder reversed meaning snap down rather than up so the spring would not be holding the weight of the shower head . It needs to be reversed due to the holder having larrger hole for the cable to fit . Thanks

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